Substance identity adaptation service

You should use this webform if you want to request a change to the chemical identifiers of a registered substance.

The information you submit with this request is assessed by ECHA. If the Agency considers that the service can be provided, it will issue a service charge to each affected registrant.

Please fill in the following fields. Compulsory fields are marked with an asterisk (*). Please also attach a "Joint Submission Plan" (JSP) and documentary evidence that all the co-registrants agree with the adaptations specified in the JSP (if applicable) and they commit to update their dossier by the deadline set by ECHA. You can download a JSP template (Microsoft Excel document) from this link. The template can be used for both joint submissions and individual submissions. Please read carefully the instructions included. When done, click the Submit to ECHA button below.

* Dossier UUID
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   CAS number (original)
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   Draft/Final Decision number (optional)
* Contact person email
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Attach the documentary evidence (if applicable):
If you would like to submit more than one document, please create a zip archive where you include all files and upload the zip file as attachment. Maximum file size is 10 MB.

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