Public consultation on ECHA’s draft Strategic Plan 2019-2023

ECHA invites you to provide feedback on the draft Strategic Plan for the Agency.

The Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan outlines the priorities of ECHA for the next five-year period. The plan lists three strategic priorities that are to be achieved with a set of enabling components:
  • Identification and risk management of substances of concern
  • Safe and sustainable use of chemicals by industry
  • Sustainable management of chemicals through the implementation of EU legislation

Once finalised, the strategic plan becomes the multi-annual part of the Programming Documents of the Agency for 2019-2021 and beyond. Steered by the strategy, the Agency will establish annual Work Programmes containing specific actions and outputs planned for each year. The areas of operation in the Strategic Plan per each strategic objective and the enabling components aim at providing a framework for the annual Work Programmes and are hence of more generic nature.

The draft Strategic Plan is available under this link.

The context of the REACH Review

Please note that the Commission has recently issued a Communication on the operation of the REACH Regulation (REACH Review). This communication contains a number of recommendations to ECHA on how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of REACH implementation.

The drafting of the Strategic Plan already anticipated some of the outcome of the REACH Review and hence the plan addresses some of the issues identified by the Commission. ECHA will analyse in close cooperation with the Commission Services the outcome of the REACH Review and make the necessary changes to the Strategic Plan. Your comments to how the REACH Review impacts on the draft Strategic Plan are most welcome.


Anyone can participate in this public consultation. This may include public authorities, organisations representing civil society, industry, or academia, as well as individual citizens.


To submit comments, you must use the form provided below. ECHA will not consider comments submitted in other form. The Agency will take into account all comments received when finalising the Strategic Plan.

When preparing specific comments, you are encouraged to provide practical suggestions rather than merely indicating (dis)agreement. We invite you to comment on more general issues such as the structure of the document and the readability and clarity rather than on editorial aspects.

In case you have multiple comments, you will need to submit them one by one using this form each time. When you submit your first comment, the form will offer you the possibility to submit more comments; simply click on this option and the form will recall the information on the submitter. You will only need to provide the specification of the text passage and content of further the comment. You can repeat this step as many times as necessary.

Consultation will close on 4 May 2018 at 23:59 Helsinki time.

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