Reporting of potential errors in Table 3.1 of Annex VI to the CLP Regulation

This web form is intended to enable interested parties to report to ECHA potential errors in CLP, Annex VI, Table 3.1. In order to avoid multiple reporting of potential mistakes it is recommended to first check under the following link whether this is already known to ECHA.

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Please enclose the file (in an Excel Spreadsheet format) with the correction proposals for the respective entry(ies) in Table 3.1 of Annex VI to CLP. Note that the format of the table has to follow the one of Table 3.1 of Annex VI otherwise it cannot be processed by ECHA. For downloading the reporting format please click on the following link.

NB: Please complete the information related to the entry(ies) for which you intend to report (a) potential error(s). All of the following information must be provided in the attached Excel file to be successfully processed by ECHA:

  • Information as published in Table 3.1 of Annex VI to CLP (it is recommended to copy and paste the information for each entry from the publication in the Official Journal which can be found here).
    • Index number(s)
    • International Chemical Identification
    • EC No
    • CAS No
    • Classification – Hazard Class and Category Code(s)
    • Classification – Hazard statement Code(s)
    • Labelling – Pictogram, Signal Word Code(s)
    • Labelling – Hazard Statement Code(s)
    • Labelling – Suppl. Hazard statement Code(s)
    • Specific Conc. Limits, M-factors
    • Notes
  • Additional information
    • Proposed correction (please clearly indicate the column to which the proposal refers to)
    • Justification for the correction proposal
Maximum file size is 20 MB Maximum file size is 20 MB