Call for comments and evidence

Lead and its compounds



The purpose of the call for evidence is to collect information to assess the impacts of a possible restriction on the placing on the market and use of lead in ammunition (gunshot and bullets) and fishing tackle.

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 Specific Information Requests

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The scope of our investigation can be further elaborated to cover the following elements:

  1. Lead used in gunshot for hunting birds and other animals (e.g. rabbits) in terrestrial areas (i.e. outside of wetlands),
  2. Lead used in gunshot for ‘sports’ shooting, including training i.e. clay pigeons,
  3. Lead used in bullets/pellets for hunting any animal (e.g. deer),
  4. Lead used in bullets/pellets for ‘sports’ shooting, including training (indoor and outdoor) i.e. targets,
  5. Lead used in fishing tackle (weights, lures, jigs) for recreational fishing,
  6. Lead used in commercial fishing gear.

Please note that, in line with the terms of the Commission request, military uses are outside of the scope of the Commission’s request.

We will investigate the risks posed by lead to the environment as well as to humans via the environment (i.e. through the consumption of food).

The objective of this call is to gather information on the following topics for each of the uses A to F above:

Information on quantities of lead used and/or released to the environment and the resulting human health or environmental impacts. We are especially interested in information on:

  1. The quantity of lead present in products placed on the EU market and the potential for release to the environment during use;
  2. Information on the frequency and extent of lead poisoning observed in terrestrial species of birds, including predatory and scavenging species;
  3. Statistical information on the annual game meat consumption in a country or regional area? (Approximation of the weekly/yearly consumption in grams and/or the frequency of meals can be provided as well as the specific species consumed, if possible.);
  4. The consumption of game meat in specific groups such as infants, small children, women in childbearing age or high consumers (such as hunters and their families);
  5. Any differences between on- and off-hunting season consumption; is the game frequently e.g. frozen or otherwise preserved for later use;
  6. Information on the absorption rate of lead to human body from ingested gunshot and/or bullets or from some other analogous material;
  7. Information on the blood lead levels of game meat consumers and hunters;
  8. Any other relevant human health/exposure data related to lead containing gunshot and bullet or fishing tackle, or the alternatives of these articles?
  9. Information on the practice of ‘home casting’ of fishing tackle with lead and/or the re-filling of cartridges;


Current best practice (including effectiveness) to minimise lead exposure to humans or the environment during use, for example (please elaborate):

  1. best available techniques to remove lead from edible portions of meat prior to consumption;
  2. best available techniques to manage lead exposure on indoor and outdoor shooting grounds (including national or European standards or recommendations to capture lead and/or minimise environmental exposure to lead);
  3. Use of inert materials to encapsulate lead in fishing tackle.



  1. The volumes (tonnages) of lead shot, bullets and pellets as well as fishing weights of products placed on the EU market;
  2.  the identity of existing or emerging alternatives and any information on the existing market share of comparable products on the market that do not contain lead;
  3. technical and economic feasibility of potential alternatives, including information on product performance, the price differences between lead containing bullets, gunshot, pellets, fishing tackle and their alternatives, the number of products that could be affected, expected costs and timelines for full-scale production of the alternatives, etc.;
  4. availability of alternatives in sufficient quantities on the market: current and future trends;
  5. hazard and risk of the use of alternatives, including any impacts on animal welfare;
  6. other potential impacts stemming from the use of alternatives, e.g., discontinuation of certain products, changes in product performance, etc.


Information on other socio-economic impacts in response to a possible restriction

  1. costs and benefits to affected actors, e.g. producers, professionals, consumers (including producers of alternatives). Please provide data on key economic parameters, such as profit-loss, turnover, the number of people employed, current share of products containing lead, etc.

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