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I declare that I am an authorised representative of the applicant legal entity for the purpose of submitting this application for authorisation and I am authorised to transmit and to receive documents on behalf of this applicant.

The applicant confirms that it is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the substance(s) for which authorisation is sought are subject to authorisation requirement. It is also the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the use(s) for which authorisation is sought are not exempt from the authorisation requirement by relevant provision of the REACH Regulation or other applicable legislation. If the assessment of the application reveals either that substance(s) for which authorisation is sought are not subject to authorisation requirement or use(s) applied for are exempt from authorisation requirement, ECHA will not reimburse in part or in full any fees levied in connection with that application for authorisation.

The applicant understands that it is his responsibility to provide ECHA with a valid REACH-IT account and email.

The applicant declares the company size in the provided REACH-IT account to be calculated according to Annex to Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC concerning the definition of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

The applicant confirms that all existing data relevant to the application for authorisation have been supplied in the application and are correct.

The applicant understands that no changes to the application will be accepted after its submission unless additional information is explicitly requested by the Committee for Risk Assessment and/or the Committee for Socio-Economic Analysis.

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