Application form for a joint application for authorisation

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 Substance(s) applied for

Please note that in accordance with Article 62(3) of REACH Regulation, applications may be made for one or several substances that meet the definition of a group of substances in section 1.5 of Annex XI of REACH. If the application is for several substances, an argumentation for substance grouping must be appended in the Category Rationale field of the IUCLID 5 application file.

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 Use(s) applied for

Please enter, for each use applied for, the use description (in the fields "Use 1", "Use 2" etc.).

The numbering and the descriptions of uses should be identical with the ones in section 3.10 of the IUCLID application for authorisation dossier under the "Use concerned by the request" field.

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Please ensure that the email address is correct, as ECHA will communicate important information related to your submission, e.g. the application form in .PDF format, and the submission code or the token.
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